Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Vase update

It might not look like progress, but it is, honest! I've reworked the collar and it's a much improved version and was chuffed with how the medallions have slotted into place - much easier than I expected. The next step will be adding the mega, massive, bling-overload rivolis and then said vase will look totally OTT! Lots of work still ahead, but it's coming along spiffingly.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Beaded Beads...

...are wonderful! When you need a quick bead fix and want to feel as though you've achieved something, this is the way to go. I call it "component beading" - making lots of components that eventually get together to organise themselves into an overal piece.

These are my Hour Glass beaded beads that have lots of potential to be realised, when I get the time to kick them into shape!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Herringbone Bangle

I thought I'd have a break from the vase for a couple of days (more on this later...) and decided to make myself a bangle in copper and cream tones.

This one is made using tiny herringbone tubes with a smattering of Swarovski crystals (of course) for added sparkle.

As for the vase, I've had to unpick the collar because the beautiful, bright fuchsia cylinders edging the collar were dyed (which I knew) and the colour has started rubbing off already. I never, ever used dyed beads in jewellery but thought I could get away with it on something that wasn't going to be subjected to the rigours of being handled or in contact with skin, but even the small amount of handling in weaving them has brought the colour off these beads. It's a shame because they were so bright and perfect against the orange and I deliberated for a long time about whether to leave the collar or unpick it, but deep down I knew I would never be happy and those wretched, sub-standard beads would constantly jump out at me. On the up side, I've changed the pattern slightly and found a suitable bright replacement, so it's back to the drawing board tonight...

So fellow beaders, be very, very careful when using dyed beads!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Vase - progress and a challenge for YOU!

The ongoing vase project is, well, still ongoing. I've had a bit of a splurge on it over the past week, although it is rather had to recognise that much more has been done to it the beadwork now goes over the top rim of the vase and down so far inside, but it's causing me a bit of thought on how to finish the inside off a little bit neater than it is. OK, so you might not see inside when it's stood on a shelf or whatever, but I couldn't live with it not being finished off well plus, if anyone picks it up, they're bound to look inside!

There was a major unpicking session with the collar around the neck - I did my maths late one night and figured that so long as the bead count divided by 6 (number of points), a pattern would work (no pattern plan in mind, just to develop as I went along!). It went wrong. With a fresh brain the next day, the mistake was so obvious and easily solved - a count of 108 for the initial circle would divide by 6 equally and give me the 6 points I needed. I would then have to peyote 54 beads each round. Other than the collar, everything is just tacked in place, hence all the threads dangling!

I've got a couple more rivolis to bezel and then some 8mm Swarovski rounds to bezel before I make a decision as to how much more over-the-top I make it! The main thing about this project is I'M LOVING IT - it's a no-holes-barred expression of beading and every beader should have a go at it. Garish colours, totally unwearable, extravagant and in your face - just what the beading doctor ordered!

The challenge for you is to SUGGEST A NAME FOR THE PIECE so please let me have any ideas.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Tubular Herringbone - a lesson learned

Several years ago whilst trying to learn herringbone, I saw a complicated diagram in a book on how to start a herringbone tube. It was a line of beads and you seemed to pick two up and pass through two, but after several attempts I gave up.

For years since, I've always started with a ladder stitch method until recently... my latest tube needed to have mirror image flared ends and so I needed to be able to work herringbone from both ends. A ladder stitch start is no good for this as the blocky end doesn't go away, so after a little bit of trial and error, I figured out how to start the tube. Would you believe it, it's that complicated start from years back and, finally, the penny has dropped on how to do without referring back to the book! Doh!!!

The moral of the story is, don't dismiss things straight away, go back (years later!) and have another go at it.

How to do it? - if you want a three stack herringbone tube, string 6 beads and go through no 1 again. Pick up 2 beads and pass through 2 and 3 of the first row. Pick up 2, go through 4 and 5, pick up 2, go through 6 and 1 again. After that, you're on normal herringbone. This way, you can unpick row 1 and work herringbone off that end as well, however, do be careful not to split your thread on the first round, otherwise you can't unpick.

Supposed to be beading, but...

I've got all the household chores done (cleaning, washing, shopping, washed cars...) and so the rest of the day is mine. I've had an hour sat in the garden but thought I better have a break from the sun. I have actually been working on beading in that I've, once again, been tweaking the instructions for my next article. Anyway, as usual I've got diverted by the computer so thought I'd write a quick blog.

I've made a second necklace for Beadwork and took the opportunity to check that the instructions made sense - they do to me, so hopefully they will to everyone else! Thankfully, my tester will rework the piece over the next few weeks. The only problem is, she's not keen on Fireline thread (much prefering KO or nymo), but as Swarovski crystals are once again involved she's gonna have to grin and bear it! I'm sure she will. Personally, I find Fireline a godsend - it's thin, flexible and ultra tough stuff, especially where crystals are involved, so if you've not given it a go yet you really should bite the bullet and invest in a reel. There are a few drawbacks with it, however - it's pricey, only comes in smoke and clear (although it can be coloured with permanent felt marker pens) and the tail has an anoying habit of knotting around the working thread.

And this is a picture of Archie, my Scottie, enjoying himself in the garden this morning!


Monday, 25 May 2009

*** Win this necklace ***

Fancy owning this pendant necklace? Well, now's your chance! To celebrate my design for the pendant appearing in Bead & Button's August issue, I've decided to give away a completed necklace. All you have to do to win it is:

(1) be a Follower of this blog and

(2) post a comment on this blog entry to let me know you want to take part in the lucky dip draw.

At the end of June, I'll pick a name out of the hat (or something equally technical!) and you'll win the necklace.

For your info, it's a chocolate and pink colour scheme with Swarovski crystal pearls and bicones.

It's been a good week overall, beading and otherwise - there's a piccy of the pendant in the current issue of Bead & Button (page 129, June issue) previewing the next issue and there's a picture of my Diamond Windows bracelet in the current issue of the UK's Bead magazine (page 99, Reader's Gallery) which a French beader has submitted.

On the non-beading front, we've had a good bank holiday - a trip out on the motorbike to Harewood House on Friday and a spot of clothes shopping followed by sailing yesterday. We had another run out on the bike today for coffee and cakes - a quintessential lazy afternoon at a tearoom! And I've still got another day left before it's back to work.

Hope you've all had a good weekend and like me, feel it's finally felt a bit like summer!

Happy beading!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Colour dilema

Designing a piece is hard enough, but choosing bead colours is almost as difficult. I usually pick a few pots of beads out in what I think will work, only to weave a handful of the little dears and find out that the colours are arguing amongst themselves and simply refuse to get along. What is it with beads and colour that makes them so tricky at times? All that said, I've just been looking at Beverly Ash Gilbert's wonderful site that simple oozes inspiration for colour and it's really inspired me.

My obsession with triangles and geometric shapes continues and this necklace is a prime example of me not being able to make a colour decision. In the end, I simply decided I couldn't decide so went for one of each. What the heck.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Work in progress (done!)

Bead & Button emailed me a proof of my article this week - I can't wait to see it in the magazine. I think it's due out round about August time, so not long to wait.

Here's a taster...

Every time I do an article I find ways to improve my "system". However, everything failed today when the document I had spent 4 hours on decided to semi-corrupt - I say "semi", because it showed jibberish one second (a Word document) and when I opened it up the next time (after a major panic) it was OK. I think hubby breathed a bigger sigh of relief than me, after all, he would have to live with me if the work had been lost!

Quick Necklaces

Well, when I say quick, that's purely relative to beadweaving! Seedies and weaving is my first love and usually more time consuming, but every now and then I get the urge to string which always results in the room I'm working in looking like a bead bomb has gone off. Granted, the mess is not as bad as when I decide to make cards (that looks like a glitter explosion), but stringing means reacquainting myself with often forgotten bead treasures ('cause I don't string regularly) and a bigger mess.

Anyway, the result is two Y-shaped necklaces - I used some gorgeous matte, greeny feldspar gemstones in the top one and the other is Murano beads and semi-precious Tiger Eye rounds - both with just a smattering of Swarovskis, of course!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Books to look forward to

There seem to have been some brilliant beading books published this year by some of the top designers in the world - first up was Laura McCabe's stunning Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski which was hotly followed by Diane Fiztgerald's Shaped Beadwork book.

These two are sitting pretty on my beading book shelf and and will shortly be joined by a couple more titles when they are eventually released one by Rachel Nelson-Smith and the other by Marcia DeCosta:

I can't wait!
Not much beading been done this week as we've been away for a couple of days - just to York for our wedding anniversary (21 years, where have they gone). We caught a couple of films - Star Trek (yes, I know, but I did enjoy it!) and Angels and Demons which thankfully I managed to follow admirably.
Beading is happening, but I'm busy re-working a necklace and writing up the instructions for it for Beadwork; my Bead & Button article will be finished this weekend and in the post as soon as my toggle fasteners arrive to finish the pieces, so that's one out the way. Phew.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Swarovski bicones to be replace by Xilion shape

I love Swarovskis and adore their bicones - they feature in so many things I do these days in one way, shape or form - but it is shortly going to be replaced.

The new bead - the Xilion cut (reference 5328) - will over the coming months replace the 5301 bicone bead. From what I've read, the Xilion has alternating size facets and more cuts which will give better light reflection and it also seems it will be a littler rounder around the middle than the standard bicone. So far as I understand it, all the bicone shapes are to be replaced with the exception of the 2.5mm.

If you can't bear to be without the traditional bicone, hurry and buy them now as once the transition period has gone (June to September this year) once stocks run out you won't be able to get the current shape any more...apparently.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Changed my mind!

My work in progress - a small pot vase covered in beads - has resurfaced. I got some amethyst rivolis a couple of weeks ago with the intention of embellishing the vase with these and other bits and bobs. I didn't like my first choice of colours (posted about 10 days ago) and so the lovely rivoli in purples and reds has been unpicked.

Now, I've gone totally OTT and opted for in your face orange with purple and fuchsia and I lurv the combo and how the two rivolis have turned out. Outrageous and startling was what I had in mind and I think I'm close! You know when something's right and to me, right now for this particular piece of beading, it's right. Others might not think so!

Yeah! More published work!

Hot on the heels of having my last piece accepted for publication in Bead & Button magazine, I've now just heard back from Beadwork magazine that they like a necklace I submitted to them for consideration! Wowwee, I'm on a roll. Both will be out in early 2010 (seems a lifetime away!).

Now I REALLY need to get myself into gear as I've three months to finish them both. The B&B one is virtually done, my trusted tester having just this week worked my instructions without a hitch, so today I shall be knuckling down and trying to finish that one off. After that, it will be all systems go for the Beadwork article.

I've learnt over the years to finish a piece, write the instructions to near completion and only then submit the work - in the early days, I simply had an idea (no piece or picture was usually required), offered the idea to the magazine I wrote for and then got a reply with a six week deadline for everything! It was always a panic and so now I feel better prepared, but still panic like mad!

Thankfully, my project for the UK's Bead magazine is now with them and so most the hard work has been done.


Sunday, 3 May 2009

What's on my bead mat now?

I'm back to working on the beaded vase, well, I'm actually having a break from the green beads and working on its embellishments instead. I chose some colours - pinks, reds, purples (I even bought some amethyst rivolis thinking they were going to be the right colours) but having worked a rivoli have more or less decided it's too dull. So it's back to the drawing board and colour selection process!

The bottom picture shows the colour selection before I started on the rivoli and to be brutally honest, the selection is dull, dull and dull! I actually like the finished rivoli, just not against the green of the pot. It needs something zingy and so I think I'll just have to introduce some orange and see where I go from there.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Crystal Jewelry Magazine

Two posts in one day - you can tell I'm not at work today!

I've just taken a break in between doing the back garden and front garden to open my latest beady order and wow, I'm well chuffed. Not only have I got some lovely amethyst Swaro rivolis, but I thought I'd treat myself to some 4mm fuchsia Swarovski sequins (with a hole through) and I'm glad I did.

However, the best bit of the order is a copy of Bead & Button's Crystal Jewelry 2 magazine - if you like working with Swarovski crystals, go grab a copy quick. It's most impressive!

Bead vacuum!

I was just having a browse of beady sites over breakfast (my favourite browsing time whilst hubby is usually still in bed, at least I can get my hands on the computer :)!) and found this fab little gem of a gadget on Jean Campbell's blog of 30 April - a vacuum for collecting your bead spills! I'd like to think my new Vax vacuum will mean that my floors are so spotlessly clean no stray dog hairs would contaminate any vacuumed beads, but I guess that might just be asking too much. I suppose this mini-vac would be better suited to stray beads on your table or worktop.

Personally, I have my own bead-collecting gadget - hubby. Rather oddly, he seems to enjoy scouring the floor on his hands and knees picking up escapee beads, but I wish he wouldn't just dump the pickings on my work mat when I'm not looking - I end up with no end of oddments scattered amongst the beads I'm working with and usually end up picking up an invader!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Right Angle Weave (part two)

The right angle weave square has grown fat! Instead of being a rather sad looking flat piece of weaving (which you can just see at the bottom of the stack), it's now a chunky little brick that rather reminds me of the stickle-bricks I used to play with as a child. Not sure if it's supposed to, but it's got one heck of a curve to it which I really like.
My version is a bit different to that of Marcia DeCoster's, but suffice to say I'm well chuffed with it and can finally see the possibilities of the RAW.
There are some of Marcia's other designs that I fancy and now feel able to give them a go.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Right Angle Weave

For years I've avoided right angle weave with seed beads. By this, I mean each "wall" of the cell consisting of one size 11 seed bead (ie, 4 seed beads making one cell). Then I came across Marcia DeCoster's project in the lates issue of Beadwork (April/May 2009) and simply had to have a go at RAW (again). And blow me down, it is actually working! I think my problem has been in looking for perfection in how the beads lay and expecting every one to be at exactly 90 degrees to its neighbour. Having looked at close ups of other people's work, I realise that ain't gonna happen and perhaps, finally, I can live with it.

Here's one of the layers of RAW and I will eventually let you see how the finished square of RAW has come along. Not very exciting I admit (and the colours are a bit dodgy to photograpy), but to me this is definitely progress!

Monday, 20 April 2009

April Beading

What d'ya know - we're already well past the middle of April and the sun has finally shown its face on the east coast of the UK. We had four days of solid fog last week - not nice - but when I think back to last April, it snowed! I remember this well as two friends got married in April - one had lovely weather, the other had snow and a bitterly cold wind. With this in mind and because I didn't have a blog going last April, I thought I'd share the jewellery I made for one of the weddings - lots of bling Swarovski rivolis inspired by the amazing Laura McCabe.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Beading Ethics

I've entered a competition on a forum, but did hesitate before entering the piece as some of the components were designed by someone else - would it be ethical to enter the piece? Ethics in beading are always a hot topic and are often a touchy subject too. I've been asked several times for permission to make my designs to sell - it's wonderful to be asked and I've not said no yet, but the crux of the point is asking.

In my case, the designer in question is that clever beady lady Diane Fitzgerald and some of the flowers I made were from her Beaded Garden book. Having sent her an email explaining the position and attaching a photo of the piece, she sent a lovely reply encouraging me to submit the work, for which I'm most grateful.

The moral of the story is to ask - it's correct, ethical and you'll get to touch base with another beady person! I find most people involved in beading extremely encouraging, generous and helpful and maintaining ethics is core to maintaining these good relationships.

Oooh, nearly forgot, here's the piece in question - One Wet Summer!

One Wet Summer Beadwork

Missing Links

Sometimes you put links on a page and wonder if anyone ever clicks on them. Other times, there are so many links you can't find your way through them all and the good ones get missed. With this in mind, take a few minutes to have a look at the wonderful and inspiring work of Gail Crosman Moore. I've played with felt before, but absolutely no where near a scale like this - everything is so organic and flowing, even her choice of colours are relaxing and inspiring. Magical. I hope you think so too.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Triballs over Easter

For once over Easter, I've had a few hours to myself in between shooting across the country on the motorbike, doing housework (boring!), walking the dog and other bits and bobs and have finally knuckled down to writing some instructions.

Now don't get me wrong, when I'm in the mood I quite enjoy writing and drawing diagrams, but that's just it - I have to be in the mood. Thankfully, this morning I was and the instructions for my Triballs are going swimmingly.

The matte grey cylinder beads coupled with Swarovski crystals must be my latest fad in colour schemes (albeit very monochromatic) as the St Petersburg stitch necklace I've been working on over Easter has some how ended up in very similar tones! Matte and crystals together are just, well, stunning!

What did beaders ever do before Swarovski crystal beads were around?

Saturday, 11 April 2009

More on St Petersburg Stitch

I've been trying out different ideas with St Petersburg stitch for the last few weeks and have just begun to realise how versatile it is. Tension is vitally important (isn't it always in beading?!) and the variation of finishes that can be achieved by using different bead types has really been worth exploring.

The sample photos (white beads) show firstly a single row then a double row of the stitch worked in size 11 seeds. It drapes well, but wasn't quite the finish I was looking for so I gave some matte size 11 seeds a whirl (3 rows this time). Better, but still not right and the daggers I had in my stash were limiting the colour schemes.

I then tried using some size 10 cylinders (delicas) and fitted some bicones down the middle - this was more what I was looking for, but I didn't like the way the cylinders were jostling against each other because of their squareness.

Finally, I've tried some size 8 seed beads with a matte finish and this seems to be working. No piccies yet as it's still a work in progress, but hopefully soon...

I love peyote, but right now St Petersburg is top of my favorite list!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bead and Button Project

Yeaaaaah! I've just heard from Bead & Button that they like my latest design submission and will be publishing it! It's always a buzz to get news like this.

I should also get a proof copy very soon of the latest design I have in the pipeline with them and can't wait to see it - I think it's scheduled for the August issue, but magazines always work so far in front (the deadline for submission was February for August publication) and it seems a lifetime ago I sent everything in.

Now the hard work really starts - getting the instructions written...still, it's definitely worth it.

And what is the design? - well, you'll just have to wait and see 'cause I'm keeping it under wraps for now!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Beading on the go

I'm wondering if when I go on holiday in June I can managed to pack some beads in my luggage. Not a problem in usual circumstances, but we're going on a motorbike tour of bits of Europe (Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France ... well, that's the plan) and packing is very limited (2 pair of socks, 3 t-shirts, 1 jumper... for 2 weeks, with lots of travel-wash!).

Question is a) can I squeeze some beads in; b) will hubby realise/find them and tell me they can't go and I suppose c) will I have time to bead?!?

St Petersburg Stitch

Being a peyote addict, I've explored most possibilities of this stitch and got to know it "right well", so I thought it high time I got to know some other stitches equally well.

I tried St Petersburg stich the first time a few years ago and whilst I liked it, at the time I didn't see much potential to develop it - until now! For the past week, all I've done is play with variations of the stitch and it's now (well, until another one comes along!) my favourite stitch. I've tried it with 11s, 8s, delica 10s, 2mm bugles and double delicas so far and there's loads more experimentation to come. Photos to follow...

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Old with the old, in with the new

I went to Harrogate Bead Fair on Sunday and, for once, was actually quite controlled in my spending habits. In the past, I've bought the necessaries and then, when I realised it was nearly time to go home, I've rushed around like a headless chicken impulse buying like there was no tomorrow. Of course, when I got home I did question the wisdom of some of my purchases but what the heck, they were still beads!

This time, I only actually bought the essentials - Fireline, size 15s and some Swarovski. It's not that I wasn't going to buy more, it was just that the queues to the stalls I wanted stuff from were so long, I couldn't face waiting - instead, I shall sit comfortably at home with a cup of coffee, slice of cake and order on line at leisure.

Still, it was nice to go and actually see everything for real, drool over the handmade lampwork stalls and fondle the semi-precious beauties.

Following on from this, after 14 years accumulating beads it is high time for a clear out; a selection of beads I've either tired of, fallen out with or ones that just don't appeal have been put to one side and will, somehow, be shortly sent for rehoming. It's good to clear out, but I have to admit it's even more fun to buy new!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Work in Progress...

The weather's been wet and windy today so as there has been no chance of getting in the garden, out for a walk or out on the motorbike, it's been a beading day (well of sorts). No proper beading, but a bit of sorting and I've spent a good few hours writing up instructions.

I'm not terribly disciplined when it comes to writing and drawing diagrams for designs as I'm easily distracted, so tend to break it down to 2-3 hour sessions. Unfortunately, this means I tend to lose where I am between sessions and some re-capping is always involved, but this time my breaks have only been a few days so I've got on reasonably well. I've still a way to go for the 2 designs I'm working on, but at least things are starting to gel.

I've also taken a picture of some work in progress - this is my "thoughtless" piece, something I can pick up and put down without losing where I am; it's also good to have on hand when I have beader's block or no time to sort beads for a new project. This is a terracotta pot about 3inches tall that I've pained and started to cover with beads (size 11 seeds working peyote). Eventually I hope to attach woven flowers, leaves and other bits and bobs, so hopefully in a few months time a finished piece might just be on the blog!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Bead Fair

Living "oop North" means that events are sometimes thin on the ground, so when the Harrogate Bead Fair comes around, it's an event not to be missed (that said, I missed the one in autumn 2008!). So this Sunday I shall be trekking to the fair with list in hand, cash in purse (not for long) and credit card polished and ready.

Top of my list is Fireline thread. I love KO, but do worry about using it with Swarovski crystals so have to bit the bullet and blow the extra cost, just for peace of mind that comes with Fireline. The other must haves is a re-stock of size 15s - I've gone through these like a dose of salts over the past few months and would love to find some new colours.

After that, everthing I buy will be pure impulse - the best way to shop for beads! Hopefully there will be some new beads or findings to inspire and there will always be a new Swarovski colour I simply must have...

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Bedtime Reading

My bookshelf is full of bead books, but I've become particularly fussy about what books I buy these days. They have to inspire, tempt and push me beyond my usual boundaries and this year has seen two complete stunners emerge from two of the worlds' best beaders (I dare anyone to argue...) - Laura McCabe's Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski and my most recent and happy arrival, Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork. If you have pennies to spend, go get both these books now.

I suppose I'm biased - I love dimensional work and I love beading with Swarovski, so these two books would be at the top of my Desert Island Books list hands down.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Dentists and Mother's Day Pendant

Ow, ow and ow! I went to the dentist last Friday for a filling and since then have had toothache when I've bitten on anything hard - it wasn't that bad before the filling and I've not had toothache for sooooo long. So today I went back for the filling to be removed and redone - the dentist (great though he is) found a couple of small cracks and hopes this time round things will be better. I've now "defrosted" from the injection and, guess what, I've got toothache!!!! AAAARRRGH! I'm hoping it will settle, but whilst waiting decided to take advantage of the brilliant sun and get some photos done of my beadwork.

I've a few photos to upload, but for now here are mini versions of my Rose Pendant which should be featuring as a project in Bead & Button later this year. These two are for my mums (mine and my in-law) for Mother's Day, and have been finished in the nick of time. I simply love pink and chocolate together.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Diamond Windows

Here are my Diamond Windows bracelets which appear as a project in the current issue of the UK's Bead magazine (issue 14). It's always a buzz when you see your work published, but I was more than chuffed when I saw them dazzling on the cover of the magazine! These little diamond shapes have taken me on a voyage of discovery exploring geometric designs (triangles and squares being the latest) - it's great when you have a "what if...?" moment in beading, and these bracelets were the start of many of those.

Red Resolution

I thought it time this blog had some eye candy, so here goes...

First up is Red Resolution. I avoid(ed) beading with certain colours, red and orange being two of them, so my 2008 New Year's Resolution was to bead with red and orange - this is the result. Some of the rivolis have been inspired by the brilliant Laura McCabe's designs. Now, I love working with orange and red!

This is one of those long winded projects and I guess it took nearly 40 hours to make, but worth every minute! I keep threatening to do another in greens and oranges...

Beading play and piccies

If you're a beader, you'll know it takes an age to create something new. Well, usually. I actually had a total eureka moment a couple of weekends ago when an unplanned bit of play-time-with beads (the best sort of play time!) instantly turned into some Elizabeathan-looking tiles. OK, so they started with the first steps of another piece of beading, but quite happily turned into a new design.

I've yet to finish the piece (Mother's day pressie and work having got in the way), but will post a piccy as soon as it's finished.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Here goes...

As if I haven't got enough to do, I've decided to create a blog! No question as to what the blog will mainly relate to - beading. And beads. Oh yes, and beadwork. So you get the idea. There will doubtless be other bits creeping in (you can guarantee dogs and motorbike trips will pop up).

It'll be interesting to see how my beading progresses from the start of this blog and I hope you enjoy sharing everything beady with me. If you want to see more of my beadwork or buy patterns and finished pieces, visit my website at www.beadography.com

Remember: Happiness is bead shaped!