Friday, 5 June 2009

Herringbone Bangle

I thought I'd have a break from the vase for a couple of days (more on this later...) and decided to make myself a bangle in copper and cream tones.

This one is made using tiny herringbone tubes with a smattering of Swarovski crystals (of course) for added sparkle.

As for the vase, I've had to unpick the collar because the beautiful, bright fuchsia cylinders edging the collar were dyed (which I knew) and the colour has started rubbing off already. I never, ever used dyed beads in jewellery but thought I could get away with it on something that wasn't going to be subjected to the rigours of being handled or in contact with skin, but even the small amount of handling in weaving them has brought the colour off these beads. It's a shame because they were so bright and perfect against the orange and I deliberated for a long time about whether to leave the collar or unpick it, but deep down I knew I would never be happy and those wretched, sub-standard beads would constantly jump out at me. On the up side, I've changed the pattern slightly and found a suitable bright replacement, so it's back to the drawing board tonight...

So fellow beaders, be very, very careful when using dyed beads!


  1. That is one nice looking piece you've done there. Oh so sorry about the vase. I too learned the hard way with dyed beads. It was too late for me to rip them out as they didn't start to wear away until I took my wee carrot doll on a trip with me. Now his face is orange & white...oh well...I love him anyway.

  2. This bracelet is lovely! A lot of detail can be seen that you've put into this piece, well done! By the way, the vase looks wow so far keep it going, what a project! Shame about the dyed beads, I've never had any to use myself, but will remember your experience and not use them, so thank you for telling us that! Jo x