Friday, 1 May 2009

Bead vacuum!

I was just having a browse of beady sites over breakfast (my favourite browsing time whilst hubby is usually still in bed, at least I can get my hands on the computer :)!) and found this fab little gem of a gadget on Jean Campbell's blog of 30 April - a vacuum for collecting your bead spills! I'd like to think my new Vax vacuum will mean that my floors are so spotlessly clean no stray dog hairs would contaminate any vacuumed beads, but I guess that might just be asking too much. I suppose this mini-vac would be better suited to stray beads on your table or worktop.

Personally, I have my own bead-collecting gadget - hubby. Rather oddly, he seems to enjoy scouring the floor on his hands and knees picking up escapee beads, but I wish he wouldn't just dump the pickings on my work mat when I'm not looking - I end up with no end of oddments scattered amongst the beads I'm working with and usually end up picking up an invader!


  1. I want to take part in the lucky dip drawing. Would love to win the necklace.

  2. where can i find this vacuum?