Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Vase update

It might not look like progress, but it is, honest! I've reworked the collar and it's a much improved version and was chuffed with how the medallions have slotted into place - much easier than I expected. The next step will be adding the mega, massive, bling-overload rivolis and then said vase will look totally OTT! Lots of work still ahead, but it's coming along spiffingly.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Beaded Beads...

...are wonderful! When you need a quick bead fix and want to feel as though you've achieved something, this is the way to go. I call it "component beading" - making lots of components that eventually get together to organise themselves into an overal piece.

These are my Hour Glass beaded beads that have lots of potential to be realised, when I get the time to kick them into shape!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Herringbone Bangle

I thought I'd have a break from the vase for a couple of days (more on this later...) and decided to make myself a bangle in copper and cream tones.

This one is made using tiny herringbone tubes with a smattering of Swarovski crystals (of course) for added sparkle.

As for the vase, I've had to unpick the collar because the beautiful, bright fuchsia cylinders edging the collar were dyed (which I knew) and the colour has started rubbing off already. I never, ever used dyed beads in jewellery but thought I could get away with it on something that wasn't going to be subjected to the rigours of being handled or in contact with skin, but even the small amount of handling in weaving them has brought the colour off these beads. It's a shame because they were so bright and perfect against the orange and I deliberated for a long time about whether to leave the collar or unpick it, but deep down I knew I would never be happy and those wretched, sub-standard beads would constantly jump out at me. On the up side, I've changed the pattern slightly and found a suitable bright replacement, so it's back to the drawing board tonight...

So fellow beaders, be very, very careful when using dyed beads!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Vase - progress and a challenge for YOU!

The ongoing vase project is, well, still ongoing. I've had a bit of a splurge on it over the past week, although it is rather had to recognise that much more has been done to it the beadwork now goes over the top rim of the vase and down so far inside, but it's causing me a bit of thought on how to finish the inside off a little bit neater than it is. OK, so you might not see inside when it's stood on a shelf or whatever, but I couldn't live with it not being finished off well plus, if anyone picks it up, they're bound to look inside!

There was a major unpicking session with the collar around the neck - I did my maths late one night and figured that so long as the bead count divided by 6 (number of points), a pattern would work (no pattern plan in mind, just to develop as I went along!). It went wrong. With a fresh brain the next day, the mistake was so obvious and easily solved - a count of 108 for the initial circle would divide by 6 equally and give me the 6 points I needed. I would then have to peyote 54 beads each round. Other than the collar, everything is just tacked in place, hence all the threads dangling!

I've got a couple more rivolis to bezel and then some 8mm Swarovski rounds to bezel before I make a decision as to how much more over-the-top I make it! The main thing about this project is I'M LOVING IT - it's a no-holes-barred expression of beading and every beader should have a go at it. Garish colours, totally unwearable, extravagant and in your face - just what the beading doctor ordered!

The challenge for you is to SUGGEST A NAME FOR THE PIECE so please let me have any ideas.