Friday, 20 March 2009

Dentists and Mother's Day Pendant

Ow, ow and ow! I went to the dentist last Friday for a filling and since then have had toothache when I've bitten on anything hard - it wasn't that bad before the filling and I've not had toothache for sooooo long. So today I went back for the filling to be removed and redone - the dentist (great though he is) found a couple of small cracks and hopes this time round things will be better. I've now "defrosted" from the injection and, guess what, I've got toothache!!!! AAAARRRGH! I'm hoping it will settle, but whilst waiting decided to take advantage of the brilliant sun and get some photos done of my beadwork.

I've a few photos to upload, but for now here are mini versions of my Rose Pendant which should be featuring as a project in Bead & Button later this year. These two are for my mums (mine and my in-law) for Mother's Day, and have been finished in the nick of time. I simply love pink and chocolate together.

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