Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Old with the old, in with the new

I went to Harrogate Bead Fair on Sunday and, for once, was actually quite controlled in my spending habits. In the past, I've bought the necessaries and then, when I realised it was nearly time to go home, I've rushed around like a headless chicken impulse buying like there was no tomorrow. Of course, when I got home I did question the wisdom of some of my purchases but what the heck, they were still beads!

This time, I only actually bought the essentials - Fireline, size 15s and some Swarovski. It's not that I wasn't going to buy more, it was just that the queues to the stalls I wanted stuff from were so long, I couldn't face waiting - instead, I shall sit comfortably at home with a cup of coffee, slice of cake and order on line at leisure.

Still, it was nice to go and actually see everything for real, drool over the handmade lampwork stalls and fondle the semi-precious beauties.

Following on from this, after 14 years accumulating beads it is high time for a clear out; a selection of beads I've either tired of, fallen out with or ones that just don't appeal have been put to one side and will, somehow, be shortly sent for rehoming. It's good to clear out, but I have to admit it's even more fun to buy new!

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