Thursday, 21 May 2009

Colour dilema

Designing a piece is hard enough, but choosing bead colours is almost as difficult. I usually pick a few pots of beads out in what I think will work, only to weave a handful of the little dears and find out that the colours are arguing amongst themselves and simply refuse to get along. What is it with beads and colour that makes them so tricky at times? All that said, I've just been looking at Beverly Ash Gilbert's wonderful site that simple oozes inspiration for colour and it's really inspired me.

My obsession with triangles and geometric shapes continues and this necklace is a prime example of me not being able to make a colour decision. In the end, I simply decided I couldn't decide so went for one of each. What the heck.


  1. HI. Just found your blog through a comment you made on Marcia's blog. I saw the picture of your Scottie & had to see who out there was beading & was in love with the Scottish Terrier. Love you work, and have to explore you blog more. BTW, I'm Dot. I do beaded dolls & have had Scotties for 20 years. I even had one Scottie who loved to wear jewelry when I use to do necklaces.

  2. Hi Dot - waving back to you! Thanks for the comments and to find a fellow beader and Scottie fan is a double pleasure!

  3. Hi, I by chance found your blog searching beading ethics. I think it is a good article. Then I seem to be familar with your necklace...Now I remember I saw it in B&B advertizement. Your beadwork will be published in the next issue! There is one thing that you and I have in common. You like St.petersburg chain, right? So do I. I'll be visiting often. Thank you!

  4. Hi Hatsumi - I'm glad you dropped in on my blog - welcome. I recognised your work immediately I checked your site, espeically the beautiful feathery design on the front of B&B Collectors Edition. It's a piece that jumped out and grabbed my attention the second I saw it!

    You're right about St Petersburg chain, it's a stitch I've been exporing of late and fallen in love with as it has so much potential to adaptation. I have a finished necklace that I've not yet shared with the world, but watch this space in the coming months... And yes, it's my pendant in the advert in B&B - the piece is published in August.

  5. Gill, so glad you are inspired!

    Congratulations on all of your wonderful creations!