Sunday, 26 April 2009

Right Angle Weave

For years I've avoided right angle weave with seed beads. By this, I mean each "wall" of the cell consisting of one size 11 seed bead (ie, 4 seed beads making one cell). Then I came across Marcia DeCoster's project in the lates issue of Beadwork (April/May 2009) and simply had to have a go at RAW (again). And blow me down, it is actually working! I think my problem has been in looking for perfection in how the beads lay and expecting every one to be at exactly 90 degrees to its neighbour. Having looked at close ups of other people's work, I realise that ain't gonna happen and perhaps, finally, I can live with it.

Here's one of the layers of RAW and I will eventually let you see how the finished square of RAW has come along. Not very exciting I admit (and the colours are a bit dodgy to photograpy), but to me this is definitely progress!


  1. RAW is an amazingly adaptable beadwork method. Learn it, use it and you'll be amazed at the designs you can make with it. Your beginning square is great!

  2. I think RAW has been a bit of a nemesis for me - tried it once with seeds when I first started beading, didn't get on with it and so have avoided it ever since - until now! Can't wait to explore further - there's a post to follow with how the square has developed...