Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Triballs over Easter

For once over Easter, I've had a few hours to myself in between shooting across the country on the motorbike, doing housework (boring!), walking the dog and other bits and bobs and have finally knuckled down to writing some instructions.

Now don't get me wrong, when I'm in the mood I quite enjoy writing and drawing diagrams, but that's just it - I have to be in the mood. Thankfully, this morning I was and the instructions for my Triballs are going swimmingly.

The matte grey cylinder beads coupled with Swarovski crystals must be my latest fad in colour schemes (albeit very monochromatic) as the St Petersburg stitch necklace I've been working on over Easter has some how ended up in very similar tones! Matte and crystals together are just, well, stunning!

What did beaders ever do before Swarovski crystal beads were around?


  1. Wow, these are beautiful! i'm glad I'm not the only one who has phases of using the same colourways!

  2. I love the design and the colors of the Beaded Beads, so deep blue, an amazing beadwork !